Fitness: Let a runcation get you out of the cold and onto a beach

3/15/2017 3:12:22 PM
“Being from Canada,” Harding said of the Bahamas marathon,“there’s nothing better than looking at the palm trees and the sand and the ocean.” Read More.
For the 6th annual event, running groups, organizations and teams continue to choose MB as their event of choice.....
Sunshine Insurance, in its role as the lead sponsor and organizer for Marathon Bahamas and with their strategic partnership with the Susan G. Komen Organization has now officially launched its registration drive for the January 17, 2015 event.
The winter wears away at Canadian runners. Speed work is nearly impossible, and long runs are slushy, soaked-filled battles with the elements. That spring goal marathon seems far away in the dead of winter.
Marathon Bahamas, the country’s most popular winter running event and renown for it’s incredible ocean-front and historical course, has officially launched general registration.



January 13-14, 2018